Ed Parker American Kenpo: Falling Falcon

FALLING FALCON (FRONT – Right Hand Lapel Grab)


  1. With your left hand, pin the opponent’s right hand to your chest and step with your right foot toward 11:00 to the outside of your opponent’s right leg and form a right neutral bow stance. Simultaneously deliver a right upward vertical forearm strike to the opponent’s right shoulder.
  2. Immediately convert this forward momentum into rotational momentum by pivoting counterclockwise and forming a right reverse bow stance.
  3. As the opponent falls toward 6:00, continue to control his right wrist with your left hand. Simultaneously circle your right hand on the inside of his right arm. When the opponent falls to the ground, immediately pivot clockwise and form a left reverse bow stance. Simultaneous with this pivot, re-grab the opponent’s wrist with your right hand and twist it clockwise and deliver a left underhand heel palm strike to his right elbow.
  4. Have both of your hands grab the opponent’s right wrist and pull upward as you cock your left leg and deliver a left thrusting knife-edge kick to the right side of his neck.
  5. Plant your left foot toward 5:00 as your left hand circles on the inside of the opponent’s right arm and re-grabs. Immediately pivot counterclockwise and form a left forward bow stance. Use this action to twist the opponent’s arm counterclockwise to apply a fulcrum on his right elbow and shoulder.
  6. While still maintaining the grab, deliver a right thrusting shin kick to the opponent’s right elbow.
  7. From Point of Contact, immediately deliver a right back scooping heel kick to the opponent’s right rib cage or right kidney.
  8. With your right foot cocked in the air, deliver a right downward looping roundhouse kick to the opponent’s solar plexus.
  9. From Point of Contact, execute a right front crossover sweep kick to the opponent’s right arm and double cover out toward 4:30.

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